19 Conversation Starters for Your Next Date Night for Couples

Hello! It’s Victoria from Creative Home Keeper again and I am excited to share a wonderful resource to better connect with your spouse on your next date- 15 conversation starters!

Date night for me in this season of little ones would almost be non-existent if my husband and I weren’t intentional about setting aside time to spend together every week. Yes, you heard me correctly– my husband and I have a date night about once a week, and it is so important.

How are we able to plan a weekly date night?

First of all we don’t always leave the house. Contrary to popular belief, you can have a really great date night in your own home, even with the kids nearby.

We do set aside one evening after the kids are in bed and we turn off our phones, computers, TV or put aside any distractions to sit down together. We spend time talking together and enjoying one another’s company. Sometimes we do get the opportunity to go out without the kids and we always make the choice to go somewhere where we can spend some time talking. Usually we go to to dinner, grab some dessert or head to a coffee shop- after all the point of a date night is to connect with your spouse, right?

While we have the normal conversations about the family, kids, work and life in general, we also make the effort to have some intentional conversations that not only help us to get to know one another better (because even after you are married, it’s still good practice to continue to get to know your spouse) but also help build our marriage.

Sometimes we talk about our hopes and dreams and sometimes we talk about hard things like how we can be a better husband or wife. Some of these questions are light-hearted and fun while others are meant to be more thought provoking and deep.

I’m excited to share with you 15 different conversation starters that you can print out and bring with you on your next date night. Some of these questions, you might find, will naturally lead into other questions so you don’t have to feel like you have to ask and answer all of these questions in one sitting, unless you and your husband are getting away for a nice long weekend and will have plenty of time for talking!

15 Conversation Starters for Your Next Date Night

  1. What are you most looking forward to?
  2. What are your big worries?
  3. What has occurred recently that was really important to you?
  4. What was a recent triumph?
  5. What has happened in your life that you are really proud of?
  6. What is your current dream or goal for our family?
  7. What is it that you definitely still want to accomplish in your life that you have not yet completed?
  8. What legacy would you like to leave our children?
  9. Where do you picture our marriage to be in 5/10/15/20 years?
  10. How can I better show you love and respect?
  11. What are three things that I do for you, or our family, that you really appreciate? Why?
  12. What family rituals or traditions would you like for us to begin?
  13. What do we do as a family that you really enjoy?
  14. How should we part at the beginning of each day? What would you like our reunions to be like?
  15. How can I better support you as a spouse? Parent? Professional?