Aries Man in Love & Relationships – How Will He Treat You?

Help please…i am a Taurus girl (I am separated with a sag guy after 14 yrs) grew apart. In the period in-between for beyond 5 yrs I had been dealing with an Aries guy who’s 10 yrs my senior, owns his personal buisness, ( I am a rep who has to cope with him as soon as a month maybe) after I first went in I could do not forget the instantaneous stare from him and I simply thought awkward…nicely later in months seen him at a restraunt and I turned into with my ex and he stopped speaking to a person and became gazing me… I overlooked it. Then I didn’t see him for 12 months ..Speedy forward these days I even have his account and he could stare at me however then at some point he became in front of humans and I walked in and he said ” my lady friend” I had useless expression and stored taking walks by… He visible that appearance and stated sorry… Things modified .. Hot n bloodless.Sarcastic and treated me like he became mad? Why? . Then someday brushing of my hand attempted to seize my finger and I quick jerked lower back… He stopped speaking to me for two month when I got here in .. Then he could simply stare whilst he had risk and become pleasant again.. But now after I cross in I just play it cool and address someone else… I form of forget about him but pretend I do not see him…This story sounds more creepy however I just found out he has a gf of 4 yrs. Ha! Just attempting to discern it out… Curious if I ought to address an unmarried Aries man… Never recognized any…however nothing will show up on my element.. Just assume I will disappear on him.
—-It is obvious that you do now not want a dating with him and that he acts in a disrespectful manner to you. There is no cause for you to preserve speakme with him or enjoyable his beside the point advances. Speak with him without delay him about your choice for him to not touch you. Be clean that it’s far disrespectful and you call for that it stops. Continue to be clean and direct with him with6252 he were given my length right…I actually have always been attracted to him too but by no means flirted or anything with him… He stated he wanted to take our courting to the following degree and before I may want to say some thing, he kissed me and I kissed him returned. For some time… moreover, we had intercourse that night and he went domestic the following day.(So it wasn’t even a date, and I’ve already recognized him for years – so im thinking if the general regulations of letting Aries pursue you apply here? He has texted me a couple times and I actually have texted him, a few flirting inside the texts however no real discussion about what happened over the weekend, no plans to peer each different every time soon-he works 12 hour days-6 days a week so I get it but, I find myself completely and thoroughly enthusiastic about him. I want him in my lifestyles and I need him to recognize that I need to spend time with him we might be a fantastic suit as we have alot in common….Even though it wont be plenty because of his work time table however because he’s an Aries-I’m good enough with that-I just dont need to be perceived as too clingy, Im no longer clingy, Im no longer needy-he knows how impartial I am. Because Ive never dated an Aries or been interested by one before, now I’m scared that I was a few lengthy awaited item to go off his listing? Based on the entirety I’ve been studying about Aries-he desires to pursue me…but didn’t he already make his intentions clear when he confirmed up at my residence with lingeree? I did not get the impression that it become going to be a one night time stand.
I bet I just dont realize what to do next-I dont want to play it too cool, he’ll suppose he didn’t woo me or impress me sufficient with the gift-however he did!!! I’m simply simply obsessing because the chemistry was sooo extreme. Oh, and im 49 yrs old and he’s 36.
Any advice????

—He has desired to be with you for years, so I doubt which you are just any other conquest. You are essentially his dream girl and he has wanted nothing more than to be with you. While the present turned into a piece abnormal, it looks as if it must have been just the right present for you. Now, you just need to relax and play it by ear. You understand that he’s constantly working and best has one day off per week, so it’s miles going to be hard to spend time round him a lot. All you may do is relax and revel in yourself. You can’t rush matters due to his paintings time table, and also you probable should no longer rush whatever both because you simply were given from your marriage. Just loosen up and have a few a laugh.