Keep Him Interested with Perfect Conversation Starters For A First Date

If you are going out with a guy for the first time, it can be difficult to think of things to talk about. First dates are always awkward. If there is a lull in conversation, it can make things even more awkward.

You also don’t want to be too quiet. If he does all the talking, he may feel like you are boring and have nothing to contribute. If the conversation is full of give and takes, it will be a successful one.

The next thing to worry about is the conversation. If you sit there are talk about your favorite nail color polish, or you best friends new hair style, you will lose him in the first few minutes. Another topic to avoid is anything that has to do with your ex. No guy wants to go out with a girl who spends the entire date talking about her ex.

If you speak highly of him, it will look as though you are still in love with him. If you spend the whole night bashing him, your date may be worried that someday you will bash him in front of a new guy. No matter what, leave your ex out of the conversation.

When on a first date, you should always avoid talking about religion and politics. These topics can lead to heated debates that you may not want to get into on a first date. If you do, there may not be a second date.

Now that you know what not to talk about, it is time to learn what you should talk about to keep him interested. The following topics should keep his attention throughout the entire date.


When you get in the car on your first date, things can be awkward. You should just start with something simple like, “how was your day.” If the weather is unseasonably warm or cold, you can mention that. Once the ice is broken, the conversation should flow more easily.


Most men enjoy talking about cars. They all have a dream car in their head that they would buy if they won the lottery. You don’t need to be an expert on cars to have a conversation about them. As long as you know the basics, you should be able to hold a conversation.

If he gets going in the conversation and you have a question about what he is talking about, ask. It will show him that you are interested in what he is saying. It will help you score serious points. If you don’t know how to start a conversation about cars, start with something like, “If you could have any car in the world, what car would you want?” That should get the conversation going.


If you are a sports fan, having a conversation about sports will be easy. If you know the teams, players, and terminology, you can discuss how good your favorite team is. If you have different favorite teams, you can playfully debate the strengths and weaknesses of each team.

If you aren’t a sports fan, ask him questions about the sports that he likes and his favorite players. You can also ask him if he has ever played sports. It will show that you are interested in him and most men love to relive their glory days as a sports star.


If the two of you have mutual interests, having a conversation can be very easy. If you are not sure if you have mutual interests, there are a few questions that you should ask.

When you do, don’t ask them one after another. You want the conversation to be nice, and not sound like a job interview. Some of the questions that you can ask include:

  1. What is your favorite movie?
  2. Do you like to read? What is your favorite book?
  3. Do you cook?
  4. Have you done any traveling?
  5. What is your biggest pet peeve?
  6. If you are lucky, one or more of these topics will spark an interesting conversation.


A good conversation starter is to ask him where he went to high school and college. You can ask what his major was, if he liked school, and if he lived in a dorm. Talking about college might get him to tell you stories of his college days. Not only will he enjoy talking about it, your interest in his education will make him feel good.

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One conversation topic that can last a while and can make you both laugh is to ask him one of the funniest or most embarrassing things that has ever happened to him.


Ask him what he does for a living. Find out how he got into that line of work, whether or not he likes it, and what his working conditions are like. When you ask him about his job, it will show him that you are interested in him and what he does.

After you ask him questions about his career, chances are he will ask you about yours. This is a great way to get to know one another better.


Music is a great topic. Ask him what his favorite kind of music is and who his favorite bands are. Music can lead to a variety of conversations, including the first concert you both attended, what upcoming concerts you would both like to attend, and new albums that you are anticipating the release of.

Music is a conversation topic that can lead in many directions, making it last a while.CLICK TO TWEET


One conversation topic that can last a while and can make you both laugh is to ask him one of the funniest or most embarrassing things that has ever happened to him.

It will show him that you have a sense of humor. When you start telling your funniest or most embarrassing moment, he will see that you are the type of person who can laugh at herself. This is an excellent quality that he will find endearing.


When you ask him about his family, it will show that you care enough to learn more about him. You can ask about his upbringing, his parents, and his siblings. After he tells his family story, you can do the same. This conversation can also lead to what you both want when it comes to family.

Does he want to get married someday? Does he want children someday? This is information that is good to know early on. This can take up a big chunk of the date so that you don’t have any awkward silences.


Sex is a touchy subject, but if you talk about it in a light, easy way, he will definitely respond. When you are talking about sex, don’t go on about it too much. You don’t want him to think that you are promiscuous and that you are expecting a hookup after dinner.

You can ask playful questions, like “where is the weirdest place you ever had sex”, or “when was the last time you had sex?”

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You can start a conversation about his and your circle of friends. You can tell him a few stories about silly, quirky things that your friends have done, and chances are, he will tell you funny stories about his friends. These stories can be ice breakers if things work out and one day you meet each others friends.


Television is an excellent topic. You can ask him questions about what shows he is currently watching on television. You can talk about current television shows, shows that you watched as a kid, and guilty pleasure television shows. The possibilities of this topic of conversation are endless.

Making date conversation does not need to be as difficult as you may think. As long as you can use any of the above topics, you should be able to get a long conversation out of them. Not only will the conversation make for a nice night, it will also give you a chance to get to know each other better so you can determine whether or not there is going to be a second date in your future.