Libra Man in Love & Relationships – How Will He Treat You?

Hi, I turned into in love with a Libra guy for three years with out him understanding. I’m a cancer girl. We have met a couple of instances 3 years back and until stop I didn’t technique him. After 3 years,I direct messaged him in Instagram. He didn’t apprehend me however I instructed him its good enough if he didn’t understand me. Then,he reply me like so overdue and don’t sincerely speak loads due to the fact he turned into in college,far from me. Then I bravely asked for his variety and he gave me without delay. We started texting and I informed him that I had overwhelm on him 3 years ago. And he truely seems to keep in mind meeting me couple of instances three years in the past. Then sooner or later,he harm my feelings. He stated I changed into no longer his type and he don’t decide upon ladies that talk a lot. He stated I am a nice lady and very ambitious lady. I was shattered. Then after 4 days I texted him once more. He said he maintained the gap with me due to the fact he don’t need to disappoin him family because he is analyzing. Then I comprehend that simply he harm me to make me forget about him. Then we talked so fortuitously. Then I asked him what he’s he doing. He answered buying meals for lunch. Then I stated “wherein is mine? When are u going to shop for for me?” He answered that when he come right here,he’s going to convey me out. So now I don’t recognise whether he likes me or no longer.

——-I am now not certain. It seems like he might also just be looking to push you away due to the fact he have to be analyzing and he does no longer want to permit his family down. Until he simply tells you for positive how he feels, you received clearly understand what goes on. Either way even though, it feels like he cannot have or does now not need to have a dating right now so that you need to simplest text him in case you are all right with that truth. Good fortune, Shasha!

Hello! I’m a Sagittarius 21y/o female and I met this Libra 21y/o guy in March 2016 in a very professional placing. We didn’t talk in any respect once we met given that I was in a courting (whom I’ve been with for almost 2 years) at the time and it appeared like he changed into interested by me. But then in November, he messaged me all of the sudden approximately the volunteer possibility in that expert putting we met at and from then on, we just stored on speakme and speakme and sooner or later spent time for the first time on Nov seventh. (My ex had broken up with me in September and so I changed into nevertheless “sparkling out from a courting” on the time and I wasn’t surely searching out something serious. The breakup kind of f*cked me up due to the fact my ex and I have been every different’s firsts and so my complete mind-set of the intimate components of a dating became askew after the break up.) I become getting to know this guy plenty greater and in my thoughts, I didn’t need to begin a brand new courting so fast, however he turned into a bit bit extra continual for some weeks, but at the same time I turned into confused approximately what he desired because he acted like a boyfriend already, inner and from time to time outdoor of the bed room, however in no way wanted to make matters “professional”. I had my shield at the entire time and it didn’t take me until round January for me to eventually be greater relaxed with this man. And February turned into whilst things have been subsequently moving tons quicker wherein we’d spend the night at each other’s location a few times every week almost the complete month of February until now. This turned into also the time wherein he became much less chronic approximately asking me to be his female friend but he we could me understand that he likes me, cares about me, and respects me plenty. He additionally tells me that I’m not like all of the ladies he’s used to and constantly tells me I’m the “wild card” that got here out of nowhere. Fast ahead to today, someplace along the way these beyond few months, I commenced to love him even extra to the factor in which I want to be in a courting with him which I’ve instructed him. But as cited before, he’s fearful of dedication and something will either push him to be committed or he’ll determine it out on his own and told me, “One day either you may be my girlfriend or we can move on. I such as you lots and care for you loads.”
I attempt my first-rate to spend a few pleasant time with him to sincerely understand him more since he lives approximately an hour away (our homeland.) It’s been a touch over a year seeing that we have regarded each different, but 6 months when you consider that we’ve started out seeing and placing out with each different. I’ve met and spent time together with his first-rate friends (the men he lives with), he does the little lovable boyfriend stuff like kissing my forehead lots mainly while cuddling, conserving hands while we cuddle, we’re usually intertwined when we’re asleep, we name each different babe and little nicknames, we’re constantly sincere and open with e/o and have informed e/o some private stuff. Sometimes it feels like it’s an FWB however with more “blessings.” I sense blanketed after I’m with him however awesome unsure of wherein some thing this component will move. I don’t realize what to think of while he asks me to believe him, however then tells me no longer to accept as true with him. He’s advised me that he’s liking me an excessive amount of and that’s when he offers me area. He’s also no longer the type of man or woman that texts lots or prioritizes social media (which is a nice trade.) What’s the first-class element to do? I simply like this man and virtually take care of him and need to show what it’s far to have a girlfriend that appreciates him. I can sense that somewhere deep down he likes me enough to be in relationship but might be just fighting the feeling. I don’t realize the way to help him make up his thoughts.
I apologize for the lengthy message.. Simply thought being thorough will assist a little extra.
–Your high-quality alternative is to speak directly and certainly with him about your feelings. Explain to him what your dreams are with your dating. If he’s unable or unwilling to decide to those desires, then perhaps you need to allow him to fade out of your lifestyles. If he wishes what you need, then take motion to reinforce your relationship. It is likely that one in every of you may want to transport to the opposite one for your dating to final. Have a super day, Confused!

I even have a guy quality friend who’s a libra and im a gemini, however, he has a female friend so is there a risk that we might date every different or he would breakup along with his girlfriend and they may be relationship for past 2 years. So is there a chance of him breaking apart along with her coz we speak the whole day everytime and even my buddies suppose that there’s something extra than friendship between us. So is there a chance of him breaking apart with her and relationship me??

—-They had been relationship for some time, so I could not expect them to break up soon. I might also now not try to force the problem as it will most effective cause drama on your very own life–plus, if he left her for you, you would by no means realize if he would simply do the same component to you in the future. There is usually a danger that he could split with her seeing that most relationships ultimately quit sooner or later. However there’s no way to realize how quickly that break up could be.