Virgo Man In Love & Relationships – How Will He Treat You?

Hi, I’m an Aquarian woman, and Ive been married to a Virgo Man for two years now. We met in September 2013, we have become couple after 2 months, and got married after 10 months because I turned into pregnant then. Things glided by so rapid since then.
I’m a politician in our Town, and so is He in his town. We are each public servant. The whole time that I’m pregnant until I gave beginning to our child, and his first birthday I became within the metropolis, in order that’s almost 2 years.. I filed my candidacy october 2015, and ever since I stayed in my place of origin to marketing campaign. And I also knew that he became also busy campaigning in his area. Our region is three hours away from each different. But I nevertheless control to go to him as soon as in awhile like every other week..
We each received within the elections.. So after that, He became expectiing that we’ll be again to our old software. Like me and the child staying in the city again, than in my town. But some thing came up, because I spread out a business in my area that takes a whole lot of time and paintings. But we’d still manage to look go to every other. In between of those months, we argue plenty with so many things. I changed into constantly the one who begins that combat, I’m constantly irritable, to the factor of constantly walking out when matters get difficult, and wouldnt speak to him. He has continually been the very information one, and the first to cool things off. He loves me a lot, and our infant.. I usually take him with no consideration, and so insensitive of his feelings. So the situations is going on and on and on. I found out at the latter component that its been monthssss that we aren’t having any attractive time together. And due to the fact that we are both busy with our works, no time for catchinf up or something. Then months later, after christmas, he came up to me. Calmly, and asked, “Are you satisfied with our marriage? Do you think we ought to hold or cease this?? After listening to the ones words, It felts like my global crashed!!! It took ke awhile to recognize that. Maybe, I’m simply in denial all this time that we certainly had some critical talks, however considering the fact that I become actually busy, that’s the best time that we had due to the fact we’re in another country and on a vacation. It’s excursion, and own family vacation. I cried so hard and instructed him that I became sorry for everthing that hurts him, and did no longer prioritize him all this time due to the fact I changed into busy raising our toddler, doing business, and serving my materials.. While doing those matters, my husband stored on striking out with his friends loads and nearly drinking ordinary because I didn’t that he’s going thru a tough time, and didn’t actually thoughts him at all..
After that excursion, we went returned to our home and speak approximately our marriage. He requested for a space because he desires to suppose and think and ask advices from pals and ask himself if he in reality wants to live.. I say sorry, and I stated evrything to him that I can’t live a lifestyles without him and our baby. And that I’ll make it as much as him. And he did see that, days have exceeded and he’s seeing the antique me once more. The worrying and the sweet one. Compassionate and loving. And the connection gets better and better. We are extra open now with the communique. And me very affectionate to him. But sometimes, I noticed him that he’s cold, or wondering in deep silence. But I forget about, I simply concept that maybe it’s part of the manner.
But right here’s the factor, after three weeks, I located out that he has/had a REAL courting with a female(I’m clearly now not certain if the relationship ended or now not). I requested him and he confessed that it’s actual. And he did bec of my loss, and looking for interest and affection. I crrriiiied so difficult, and didnt know what to do. I felt betrayed, I dont agree with him anymore, anger the whole lot.. However after praying, praying and oraying normal. Things gets higher. He asked for more area, but we still see every different and communicate to every different, and expresses our love for one another. But the things is, he needs area and more time to repair himself.. I recognize that, and gave it to him.. So now, our strains are open for communication, we go to our domestic in the town four days in a week. And soend time together.. I pray to God that this could help us both to renew our marriage.
My query is, why do you observed he’s inquiring for a area? Do you watched he nevertheless has an affair? Knowing a virgo, is that normal for him to do that? Please recommendation.. We are most effective four years collectively and virtually, we in reality didn’t recognize each other that a great deal. But I realize in ky coronary heart, that He is the person for me, and that I’ll do the entirety to make this Marriage work. Thank you earlier.

February 18, 2017 at 1:23 pm
Your first-rate choice isn’t to situation your self with the fickle nature of the celebrities. Our signs are unimportant as compared to our actions. Your satisfactory option is to speak with him about your mind and feelings. He wishes to be there on your kids. They are the maximum important thing in both of your lives. Take this time to attention in your youngsters. If he is a superb associate and father, then he’ll go back. If now not, then you could want to searching for support from family and friends. Best of good fortune, Aquawoman!


February 15, 2017 at nine:11 am
Hi! I’m a Aquarius woman and I’ve been speakme to a Virgo man. We’ve been speakme for almost 8 months. At first, I’m not truly fascinated with him. Like whilst we’re speaking, just announcing “Hello, how are you?” Asking if I’m okay or if he’s okay. Yes, we talked in smartphone however its just simplest thrice or two times a week. There’s a time that I just seen his messages and didn’t be given his calls. So he requested me if I had a boyfriend if I already met a man I’ve been seeking out. I stated no, I’m just busy. Well that time I found him now not honestly so interesting, So I attempted relationship someone else. But yeah it didn’t labored out. And then I just found out he’s properly and a caring, candy guy. We persisted speakme and we inform our secrets and techniques. After that I sense some thing special about him. I by no means felt this manner before but I feel some thing like I’m starting to like him. I advised him that I like him and he stated he likes me too. But then I changed into so disenchanted due to the fact when the time I stated to him my real emotions. He didn’t even accept as true with it. I become like what the eff! Its fake wish. I notion he experience the same manner. I notion that by saying my feeling he feel the identical manner too. But it’s now not… I asked him “Why?” And he said “(Insert name) If I didn’t imply it, I received’t say it… I don’t need you to stay with lies.” Yes, I recognize him. I changed into so disillusioned, however I discovered it very interesting. I like his honesty. And I’m so devoted to realize him lots, theres something with him that different men by no means had. I didnt forestall talking to him eventhough I changed into so upset.
A months later. We supply ourselves extra time. We talked ordinary, everynight. And it were given me jealous knowing his past ex’s. I realize we’re no longer in a dating but its regular to a girl like me to experience jealous. I changed into approximately to surrender whilst he ultimately stated HE LOVES ME!… I am so satisfied and I feel excited. That’s the primary time he said he loves me and when he said that he’s so shy. So lovable. I asked him why? How? When? I don’t understand why I requested like that I understand its stupid. But I want to realize. He replied it. And as anticipated I like his solutions it a lot emotions.
But my problem is We’re thousand miles away. I just desired to recognize if there’s a opportunity to make our relationship better in future? I imply I recognise theres no professional dating but theres something with us that I actually need to maintain. I dont need to waste my time and his time, if we arent compatible to every different. I will repeat it and make it perfect in order that we’ll be collectively… Happy. And my different query is I can’t stop wondering if he will do the equal like what he did in his ex’s to me? Like lower back then he use to be participant. I’m afraid to threat some thing that I realize will cross wasted.
——Your courting sounds difficult, and the space isn’t always helping. Your pleasant option is to make a plan to go to him. If your courting stays distant and message-based, then it’ll eventually end. Make plans to visit or have him make plans to go to you. This is the most effective alternative a good way to make your dating endure. 

Thanks Admin! And yes, he’s planning to go to me this july. And I am planning to go to his usa to if ever we go smooth. We still progressing however I am glad that the entirety is very well for now.

——-Thank you for sharing! Please take into account to allow us to know how the entirety is going. Share your stories and insights with our network. Have a extremely good day!

Its lengthy story – We are each virgo. He is a good buddies of me considering the fact that 5 years ago we met and I understand he has feeling for me when you consider that then. He asked three instances if i may be his gf whilst we are within the equal united states of america – however I didnt answer to him.I simply preserve smile while he asked, the second one time he in all likelihood aware I might also worried approximately the age (and yes that’s it) and he informed me he don’t thoughts and the last time become asked me earlier than he left to US for PhD take a look at. He left 3 years from now and we an amazing friends as always, we used to message every different few times a week. He has a lady friend once which ultimate for six mths and split in view that closing March. In remaining June, he referred to as (the first time he known as as we just message each other generally), he advised me he ignored me loads(sure, I nevertheless no solution to him), when you consider that then we can chat once an afternoon…till ultimate August, it changed into my birthday and he acted surely bizarre to preserve sending hug to me for begging a kiss. Since then, we hold chatting day & night, he mentioned everything to me and so am I. He percentage the whole lot in existence daily with me, he waited to speak to me whilst he’s sad (we have time difference) he even called me mother as soon as when I requested him to attend to himself within the busy work. So I eventually asked him what we are and he advised me he do likes me plenty, we get along so nicely with believe and relaxed. My phrases to him just what he searching out to light up his lifestyles, BUT he can’t be in an extended distance dating. It’s killing him as i am not round, so we agreed to be stay as a good pals…at that time I already recognise he may one day disappear forever (due to the fact I may additionally do the identical) and I requested him don’t try this to me. We comply with live as pals and notice what’s coming to us in destiny. But he instructed me that he don’t like mix up the buddies and relationship and he’s very sorry he can’t control himself whilst he face to me. Anyway, we nevertheless keep chatting day and night time ordinary until he sleep even he message me once I am sleeping. Suddenly, he disappear for two weeks and of route I am so scare but I let him space. Then he got here lower back and talked to me like not anything passed off, we’re nonetheless very candy collectively till final thanksgiving – I advised him I am truely thankful to have him in lifestyles. After that, he has been so cold, he respond message but handiest few days. But earlier than that, we were very candy so I did paint a Plant in portray to him as a xmas gift and letting him knows even the plant is on my own, it’s no longer because it’s with the light around (he said Im his sunshine). Unfortunately that make him being over react, he message me and told me he don’t sense similar to I do, and don’t want to get me misunderstanding……..So he disappear, no respond to message (I simply despatched him twice to wish he’s well) for a month, till give up of last mth, he finally examine my message but with out response. At that time, our common buddy became asking me if he’s okay as she located he’s bit disillusioned. So I write him again to asking him to take correct care. And after that, he block me, now i can’t sent him any message and seems he act like ordinary to our common pal. I don’t realize what to do……we are superb friends, I don’t recognize why “love” will make us being like this. I am in reality regret to mention I like him too now.
Sorry for the long tale, but I certainly admire your recommend to me as i am misplaced now. Lose a great buddy, lose a capacity properly courting.

—-If he blocked you, then he now not is interested in a dating with you. He may additionally sense as even though this is the first-class manner to defend him emotions. He may not want to genuinely be buddies with you. He may additionally feel jealous that you might be with other humans. There are many reasons for this behavior, however you aren’t in a courting with him, so permit or not it’s. If he comes returned, then you can speak with him at that time. For now, permit mind of him to fade out of your life. Move on and experience the existence that you are living presently.